Maintaining your wood floors

How to maintain your Hardwood Floors

Dust and Clean

Regardless of the finish, routine cleaning of your wood floors will protect them from scratches and wear.  Sweep or vacuum frequently to remove dust, sand and dirt before they damage your floors.  Failure to do this will dull and scratch the surface.

  • A soft non-abrasive dry mop such as a microfiber dusting pad is ideal. Always follow the grain of the wood.
  • If possible, removing shoes before walking on your floors can cut down on nearly 90% of the dirt.
  • Area rugs and runners should be used in high traffic areas.
  • Table and chair legs can scratch floors when moved. Apply felt pads to every foot to prevent scratches.  Replace as necessary or every 6-8 months.


Choosing the right Cleaner

(For best results, know what type of finish is on the surface)

Water or Oil based finish

Use a mild, specially formulated Wood Floor Cleaner for best results, we recommend Bona or Last-n-Last or a like manufacturer.


Hard waxed wood floors

Visit the attached link for our recommended procedures.


Avoid using water on your Wood Floors


Though you may need a little bit of water to dilute a cleaning product, keep it at a minimal.  Water can discolor your wood and make it swell.  Water spills should be wiped and dried immediately.

  • Avoid using “all purpose” cleaners especially oil soaps and silicone base which can leave a film and may be difficult to remove.
  • Never steam mop hardwood floors. This will eventually damage the wood floors.


Most finishes, when properly cared for can last for years.  When the time comes, your floor may need a screen and coat or a sand and refinish.  We specialize in not only installing but refinishing and staining all species and cuts of hardwood floors.  Be sure to contact us to discuss your hardwood floor options and needs.


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