Floors of Distinction







For the Homeowner...
"No sense putting on clothes when your body's wet."

The most critical aspect of a successful flooring installation is proper moisture control.

And no one controls it better than we do.

Quality Control

Quality control starts the moment we receive our wood. We moisture-test it, and then put it in our temperature and moisture-controlled warehouse. Wood is then moisture tested again when leaving the warehouse. On site, the moisture content of the sub-flooring is measured and corrected as necessary prior to the installation and sand & finish process, where we use highly-skilled installers and finishers. The result is a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime...and a satisfied customer.

Skilled in the Basic and Custom

Whether your taste runs from the standard, traditional New England Stule of 2-1/4" strip flooring, to an elaborate exotic floor with borders and medallions, we've got you covered.